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Ariadne / Blindsquare / RNIB Navigator
These are GPS apps that have been specially designed for use with a visual impairment. These apps can update you on your location or give you turn by turn directions to a place. These apps vary in price.

This app is used when traveling on the bus. The app will tell you the 10 nearest bus stops and the timetable for the stops. It then has the ability to track your journey and will give you audio feedback of the next stop on the route. This is a free app.

Arts and Crafts

You can do some arts and crafts in your house or garden, but if you can’t be bothered cleaning up the mess afterward, there are plenty of cafes or libraries that offers arts and crafts opportunities.

Children’s Zoos

Kids love animals - who doesn’t? However don’t think you have to go to Edinburgh zoo. There are plenty of farms or children’s zoos about, and most of them have the opportunity to pet some of the animals.