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Wobbly Eyes Booklet for Children with Nystagmus

This illustrated eight page booklet helps explain nystagmus to children in the form of simple questions and answers such as “Will I get made fun of?” and “Will my nystagmus go away?”...

Many schools already find “Wobbly Eyes” a great help in classes where one or more children have nystagmus as this comment from a teacher in Scotland shows: “Wobbly Eyes is excellent.

We use it a lot and it is much appreciated. They say you should write for a target audience with an age of 12 and this was written with input from an 8 year old, so that clearly helps.”

Clear Vision

ClearVision is a UK postal lending library of mainstream children’s books with added braille.Their books all have braille (or Moon), print and pictures, making them suitable for visually-impaired and sighted children and adults to share. There are over 13,000 books in the collection, including tactile board books, simple stories for young children and stimulating books for newly fluent readers.

Annual Report 2013-2014 for Children's Visual Impairment Services Greater Glasgow and Clyde

The report outlines the services provided in collaboration between health, education, social work and the voluntary sector across Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board and the six local  authorities it covers. The report details the progress made and proposed future developments.  This years report also contains a review of the progress made over the past six years since the Community eyecare funding was released by Scottish Government.

Confessions of a Blind Mother

Last week I did something I'd never dared do before. I took my children to London on my own. This might not seem like a big deal. Other mothers I know are always taking their kids out on days out, to parties, on shopping trips or to the swimming pool. But I have always found being alone with my children in public stressful and difficult.