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Blind Mums Connecting Up

A new group called Blind Mums Connect has been created to provide a link for visually impaired mums from all over the UK, sharing information and supporting one another.

There are groups and get togethers to enable mums to share experiences and swap practical tips, from feeding your baby and choosing a suitable carrier or buggy, to dealing with schools and homework.  

Get on the Rollercoaster grandma !

When I discovered I was to become a Grandma I was surprised and probably more than a bit shocked. I instantly became worried, my baby – a baby - well that’s where the rollercoaster ride began ! ! ! I was of course delighted about the baby but worried for my baby. I have been there, done that and worn the T-shirt 3 times so I know what a difficult road it can be. My daughter was very young, only 17 at the time but she managed to do what had to be done, all by herself as I lived in Spain at the time.

Useful Tips

I felt bombarded with all the information I got with all my daughter's appointments so I set up 2 folders. One has all her appointments, reports, contact details of everyone involved in her care; the other has all the leaflets I have collected at family days. I also found it useful investing in a video camera and filming my daughter. It would be difficult at times to describe things to everyone that saw her so I thought it best just to film her and this is something I am still doing nearly 3 years later.