Autumn sensory bins

Sensory play is so important for young, learning minds. Though sensory play children are allowed to safely explore new materials and reinforce concepts through their five senses. As a child plays in a sensory bin, their sense of touch is awakened, as is the sense of sound, sight and even scent. (Some sensory bins are even taste safe or edible, too)! 

As a base for it you can use any kind of bin, just remember it has to be big, sturdy and the sides have to be small enough for your kids to be able to reach the objects inside, if the bin is big enough the kids can actually sit inside it, allow them to explore with all the part of their bodies so take their shoes, socks and even trousers off. I find the best bins are the ones with a lid you can pop under the bed, they are my favourite.

Most of all remember sensory bins are fun, even for mummy and daddies, here are some ideas for the season but use your imagination and enjoy.

Apple and cinnamon bin 

Is there a smell better than apple and cinnamon? I don’t think so! Add some oats to have a more complete sensory experience, use apples of different size and colour, let the children explore, smell, touch, and taste! Add some cups and spoons to allow them to do poring game (good for fine motor skills)

cinamon sticks, oats and apples in a bowl

Natural elements sensory bin


This bin is a good excuse to go out in the wood and look for acorns, pinecones, conkers and leaves, just make sure the natural elements come from a clean environment. You can add small animal toys and allow the kids to pretend they are still playing in the wood.

trough of crispy autumn leaves

Pumpkin sensory bin

I know Halloween is already gone, but you can still find pumpkins and squash in the supermarket, open a couple and allow the kids to do squishy play with the seeds, if you are really brave you can add some water after a while to make it really gloopy. In LIDL you can also find small decorative pumpkins of different shapes and colours, they are really beautiful and with lots of different skin textures.


squishey pumpkin pieces and seeds in a clear tray

Seeds sensory bin

Buy some seeds for birds in your local store and allow the kids to play with it, add some cup and spoons or scoops for pouring game. If you kid is allergic to nuts pay attention to the seeds you are using.

boy playing with seeds in an outdoor tray  

Edible sensory bin

Anyone that has made a sensory bin for their kids know the main thing you will tell is always: “Don’t put it in your mouth”, so why not making a sensory bin that they can actually eat?! Raisins, breakfast cereals, oats, why not adding some powdered spices like cinnamon, ginger and aniseeds, after all in a while it will be Christmas.

handful of raisens