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About Us - We are the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. If you feel a child or young person needs extra help to get the most from their learning and are unsure what to do, we can help you. We have lots of practical advice and information about the education and additional support needs system in Scotland.  Enquire will explain how the system may relate to your situation and advise you on possible ways forward.

What is additional support for learning? Additional support for learning means giving children extra help or support so they can get the most out of their education and reach their fullest potential. A child or young person is said to have ‘additional support needs’ if they need more – or different support – to what is normally provided in schools or pre-schools to children of the same age. It doesn’t just apply to children who have long-term learning difficulties or disabilities. Children can need support for many reasons. Some may need a lot of support all the way through school. Others will only need a small amount for a short time.

Contact us: Enquiry Helpline: 0845 123 2303 (access to interpreters through Language Line)

Telephone: 0131 313 8800

Email: info@enquire.org.uk Enquire Children in Scotland Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace Edinburgh EH12 5EZ