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When your child is diagnosed with an eye condition, it may be confusing to know where to go for help and support and what the role of each professionals is.  There are some services which cover the whole of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS and others that are specific to your local area.  The general ones are listed below and then follow the links for information on your specific area.

If the information you require is not provided below, you can visit www.enquire.org.uk/find-a-service  to search for  education and other services in your local area.

Centralised Services

 Local Services



In all areas, the dispensing and fitting of glasses following the prescription of these by a hospital eye department is done by your local community optometrist or optician.  Sometimes, particularly as children get older, and if their condition is stable, the testing for and prescription of glasses will also by undertaken by your community optometrist.

The cost of eye test, lenses and certain frames are covered by the NHS.  Alternative frames are available at an additional cost.

Hospital eye services

Ophthalmology Department at

Royal Hospital for Children  – 0141 201 0000

Gartnavel General Hospital – main switchboard 0141 211 3000

Stobhill Hospital – main switchboard 0141 201 3000

Victoria Infirmary – main switchboard 0141 201 6000

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital – main switchboard 0141 201 1100

Royal Alexandra Hospital – main switchboard 0141 887 9111

Inverclyde Hospital – main switchboard 01475 633 777

Service description:  Includes Ophthalmology (eye doctor), orthoptists (vision testing and eye movement), optometrists (assess the need for glasses).  Diagnose and manage all eye conditions in childhood.

Age range:     Royal Hospital for Children – 0-16 years old, Others – all ages

Access to service:  Referral from Health professionals

Funding: NHS Service – free to children and young people


Low Vision Aid Service       

Low Vision Aid (LVA) Clinic

Eye Department
Gartnavel General Hospital
1053 Great Western Road
G12 0YN

Main switchboard 0141 211 3000

Service description: Assessment of need for low vision aids and provision of appropriate aids identified.  This includes various types of magnifiers for near vision and uniocular aids for distance vision. Age range: All ages  Access to service: Referrals from Health professionals  Funding: NHS service – free to children and young people but service does not provide large pieces of equipment e.g. CCTV but advice regarding these may be provided


Vision Assessment Clinic

Ophthalmology Department
Royal Hospital for  Children
1345 Govan Road

0141 451 6577

Service description: Tertiary Assessment and advisory service provided by health specialists in the field of visual impairment. Age range: All ages (0-19 years old) Access to service: Referral from Health professionals and occasionally others by individual arrangement Funding: NHS service – free to children 


Visual Impairment Clinic

Royal Hospital for Children
1345 Govan Road

Main switchboard 0141 201 0000

Service description: Initial health and developmental assessment of children diagnosed with a visual impairment.  Advice to parents and identification of initial services required.  Age range: All ages (0–19 years old)  Access to service: Consultant ophthalmologists from Royal Hospital for Children.  Funding:  NHS services – free to children and young people  

Visual Impairment Specialist Nurse

Woodside Health & Care Centre
891 Garscube Road
Glasgow G20 7ER

Tel 0141 201 5736/5735 Mobile 07787 835344

Service Description:  Support to families of children with visual impairment – provision of information, provision of links to professionals and other families, help with play and communication.  Age:  All ages (0 – 19 years).   Access:  Health professionals and VI professionals

Funding:  NHS Service – free to children