Parent's Corner


How to Make a Sensory Play Space: Tadhg’s sensory room.

Children who are visually impaired often remain restricted in their movement and use of space. A play space can encourage children to reach, explore and develop spacial awareness.

The basic idea behind a play space is that you create a predictable environment where your child can manipulate toys and feel free to explore. A play space can be small (like a small box or corner in a room), it can be part of your child's everyday space (like a special insert on their wheelchair tray) or it can be big (like a large box they can crawl into or a large area on a wall).

Get on the Rollercoaster grandma !

When I discovered I was to become a Grandma I was surprised and probably more than a bit shocked. I instantly became worried, my baby – a baby - well that’s where the rollercoaster ride began ! ! ! I was of course delighted about the baby but worried for my baby. I have been there, done that and worn the T-shirt 3 times so I know what a difficult road it can be. My daughter was very young, only 17 at the time but she managed to do what had to be done, all by herself as I lived in Spain at the time.

Useful Tips

I felt bombarded with all the information I got with all my daughter's appointments so I set up 2 folders. One has all her appointments, reports, contact details of everyone involved in her care; the other has all the leaflets I have collected at family days. I also found it useful investing in a video camera and filming my daughter. It would be difficult at times to describe things to everyone that saw her so I thought it best just to film her and this is something I am still doing nearly 3 years later.