How to Make a Sensory Play Space: Tadhg’s sensory room.

Children who are visually impaired often remain restricted in their movement and use of space. A play space can encourage children to reach, explore and develop spacial awareness.

The basic idea behind a play space is that you create a predictable environment where your child can manipulate toys and feel free to explore. A play space can be small (like a small box or corner in a room), it can be part of your child's everyday space (like a special insert on their wheelchair tray) or it can be big (like a large box they can crawl into or a large area on a wall).

Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box

Photograph of lego tub

I found that this encourages my little boy’s fine motor skills as he learns to put the bricks together.  We are using the bricks to give our him an idea of what things are like which are too big for him to properly touch.  Mind you, I am not sure whether who has he most fun building things!