West Dunbartonshire


Community Paediatrics

Acorn Centre
Vale of Leven Hospital
Main Street
G83 0LA

Tel 01389 817429

Service description:  Assessment diagnosis and treatment of children with suspected or confirmed disability.  For children with VI this will include assessment by a paediatrician, all of whom have some training in visual impairments. Age range:  5 – 19 years old Access to service:  Referral from Health or Education Psychology professionals Funding:   NHS service – free to children and young people Additional Information:  Specialist VI support is available from VI team based at Child Development Centre at Woodsidee Health Centre


Hospital Eye Service in Royal Hospital for Children and all adult hospitals

Opthalmology Department

Royal Hospital for Children - 0141 451 6577
Gartnavel General Hospital  - main switchboard 0141 211 3000
Stobhill Hospital - main switchboard 0141 201 3000

Services Description: Includes Ophthalmology (eye doctor), orthoptists (vision testing and eye movement), optometrists (assess the need for glasses). Diagnose and manage all eye conditions in childhood.    

Age Range  RHC; 0-16 years old       Others  - All ages

Access to Service: Referral from Health Professionals      Funding  NHS Service - free to all children and young people.

 Low Vision Aid Service 

Low Vision Aid (LVA) Clinic
Dumbarton Health Centre (access via referral to Royal Alexandra Hospital)
Station Rd
G82 1PW

Tel 01389 763111

Low Vision Aid (LVA) Clinic

Eye Department
Gartnavel General Hospital
1053 Great Western Road
G12 0YN

Main Switchboard 0141 211 3000

Service description:  Assessment of need for low vision aids and provision of appropriate aids identified.  This includes various types of magnifiers for near vision and aids for distance vision. Age range:  All ages Access to service:  Referrals from Health professionals and VI Teachers             Funding:  NHS service – free to children and young people but service does not provide large pieces of equipment e.g. CCTV but advice regarding these may be provided


Peripatetic Teaching Service – West Dunbartonshire
Collaborative Support Service
Psychological Services
Carleith Primary
Stark Avenue
G81 6EF

Tel 01389 878118

Service Description:  The aim of the service is to advise parents, support children and help them to achieve their potential in the pre-school, primary and secondary years.  The nature and frequency of support varies depending on the needs of the child.  Provision of advice to support may take the form of adequate materials, equipment, and adaptation of teaching programmes and style.  Advice on the geographical layout and organisation within education (and the home for preschool children) is given.  Guidance on the use of specialist equipment e.g. LVA, CCTV, specialist software is given in addition to provision of materials in Braille or Moon if required.  Support is given to class teachers in the form of inservice training. Age Range:  0-19yrs Access to Service:  Open access Funding:  Provided to all West Dunbartonshire residents and those children attending schools run by West Dunbartonshire Council.  West Dunbartonshire also funds placements at specialist VI schools/units elsewhere for those pupils where this is deemed necessary.

West Dumbartonshire Council Services

Sensory Impairment Team
6 – 14 Bridge St
G82 1NT

Tel 01389737900

Service description

  • Information and advice on visual impairment registration
  • Information on benefit entitlement
  • Provision of equipment in order to advance independence
  • Support and counselling

Age range:  All ages Funding:  Social work service are available to all West Dunbartonshire residents.  Some pieces of equipment may not be able to be funded directly.