What the garden can teach us

All children get dirty from time to time but many children who are visually impaired dislike getting their hands dirty or wearing gloves. However it is good to try and overcome this dislike of dirty and the garden is a great place to start.

Say you are going to learn about clean and dirty and have fun whilst doing it. Start with one finger and touch the soil really quickly – add some praise, laughter and encouragement and see if you can progress to two fingers picking up a pinch of dirt.

Take your time and make it lots of fun, progressing up to playing in the dirt and getting your hands dirty. What does it feel like? Is the soil wet or dry?

Talk about the plants and how they need water to grow and be healthy. Use the hose to water the plants to keep them healthy and clean your hands to get rid of the dirty feeling.

You can then talk to your child about how food grows and explore different textures, smells and tastes from vegetables – you do not need to have a vegetable garden to do this, just have some tomatoes, peppers, etc. to try or grow some herbs on your window ledge.

Encourage your child to try new foods and learn how good fruit and vegetables are for our health.Child with grubby hands