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There are so many toys on the market it can be difficult for parents, families and friends to know what to buy. It is not always necessary to search through specialist catalogues to buy sensory toys. In recent years there has been a boom in learning toys which are available from many shops and websites. The benefits of these for children with visual impairments are that toys are becoming more tactile and audible.

You can also make a range of toys for next to nothing with many household items so unleash your creative side and see what you can make.

We have put together a selection of our children’s favourites and why they like them – hope it helps.

We would really like to know what toys your children like. Please email us and send us a picture too.

The i-needs website does not recommend any retailer as many of the toys suggested on this website are available from a large selection of stores or online websites. Specialist websites are given under specific toys.

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