Joining in with Sensory Differences

NHSGGC shared the following update in their latest Kids newsletter

Following feedback from a number of users we have created an easy to access sensory section where you can find a video about living with sensory differences from a child’s perspective along with the sensory questionnaires. This should make it easier for everyone to access this information.

What can your child learn while baking?

The kitchen is the perfect place to teach your child important life lessons. Think about all the things you learn just while making cookies: that one cup is bigger than half a cup; that the mixing bowls are stacked in the cupboard; that sugar is sweet and oil is slick; and that the eggs are kept in the refrigerator while the sugar is kept in the pantry. Children can learn numeracy while baking: counting spoons, measuring quantities. They can also learn about how your body works, what is good for you and healthy, and what is not. They can learn about texture and tastes. 

Coin recognition

Children need to learn to tell the difference between coins to help them when they are out shopping.  Here is a fun way to help your child with this. 
Before you start, ensure there is good lighting and good contrast to make locating the coins easier! 
1. Start with one of every coin in a small pile.
 coins on cloth
2. Give the child time to feel each individual coin.