Useful Apps

TextDetective / Prizmo / KNFB Reader

These apps use OCR (Optical Character Recognition). They will use the camera to scan text from a letter, book, display etc. They will then scan the photo and read back all of the text that it contained. These apps vary in price from Free to £79.99.


This is an app that uses the camera to scan a barcode of a product and tell you what that product is. It also allows you to upload the product information of unknown barcodes and will be able to recognise them the next time they are scanned. This app costs 7.99.

Good Food Talks

This app lets you access an online database of restaurant menus. You can search for restaurants near your current location or search for an individual restaurant. It can then provide the information through Voice Over or other accessible options. This app is free.

MagLight / optelec / visor These apps turn your phone into an e-magnifier so you can zoom into objects to magnify them. Some apps will allow you to customise the colour options such as change it to black on white or yellow on red. Some will stabilise the picture and enhance any text. These apps vary in price.

Colour ID

This app scans what the front camera of the phone is focused on every 5 seconds and tells you what the colour is. This app is free.

Light detector This app detects light and will emit a high or low sound with the intensity of the light. It is very handy to know if any lights have been left on. This app costs 1.99.

BeMyEyes This app uses the video calling features to make a call to a sighted person who can see what your phone is looking at. If you lose something, then you can phone a friend, use the phone to scan the area and help you find it. This app is free.

Educational Talking Calculator – The app has brightly coloured large buttons and full voiceover.!/id970551775?mt=8

Big Trace– Children can use their finger to trace the outlines of letters and numbers, increasing their understanding of the shape of the app aims to increase the child’s skills in write letters and numbers independently.