Useful Websites

Visibility logoVisibility

Visibility is a charity that provides support to parents and children with visual impairments.  Our Little Explorers Toddler Group is fun and  helps children explore whilst giving parents and carers and opportunity to meet up and chat to others.

One Sunday a month, there is an activity day for children over the age of 8.   This can be ski-ing, rock climbing, canoeing or having fun in the park.

Children and Family Information Days give families from all over the area an opportunity to meet up, find out more about what is happening in their area and try a variety of interesting and fun activities.  More details can be found on the website or phone for a chat.  0141 332 4632.

Calibre LogoCalibre

“Calibre is a registered charity, set up in 1974 to provide a postal lending library service to people who cannot read ordinary print books because of a sight problem or other physical disability. The service is free to members – we do not charge a subscription – so we rely on help to maintain and expand the service.”



Clear Vision Logo

Clear Vision


Postal lending library of mainstream children’s books with added Braille.

Large Print Bookshop logoLarge Print Books

Children’s large print books available to buy.

Listening Books          Listening Books Logo

“Listening Books provides a postal audio book library service to people who cannot read in the usual way. It is the only national audio book charity catering for the full range of print impairments and our membership is comprised of those with visual impairments, learning difficulties such as dyslexia and physical impairments that mean a person cannot easily hold a book or turn a page.”


National Blind Childrens Society

The National Blind Children’s Society provides information for parents on its website and has large print books for visually impaired children.

Royal National Institute of the Blind  RNIB Logo

RNIB Scotland’s Education and Family Services Department provides a range of professional services throughout Scotland:

Information and advice to parents, Post-16 students on courses, supported family group events and advice on local and national support networks

Conciliation and Mediation Services to assist parents in expressing their views and their rights effectively in discussions with education, health and social work professionals

Technology Services including information and hands-on training for parents in the most up-to-date technological aids available. Assessment and training is available for children, young people and students.

Political representation to ensure that the interests of children and young people with sight problems are given full consideration.

SenseSense Logo

 Day Support Services:  Trained staff support children and young people during school holidays, after school, in the evenings or at weekends.  They might support them to keep safe and well whilst they attend a club, learn a new skill, make new friends, take part in a group activity.

Short breaks:  We can support young people to take a break in whatever way suits you and your family best.  This could be a home, away, or in one of our specialist residential bases.

vincyp logoVINCYP (Visual Impairmant Network for Children and Young People)

VINCYP’s website has a range of information on eye conditions that are written especially for parents and carers.

Steps logo


Covering the whole of the UK, Steps provides a Developmental Toy and Switch Lending Library service to individual children and hospices.  We have amassed a huge stock of unique battery-operated toys and external switches and we are experts in adaptation techniques and in the matching of toys and switches to the needs of the disabled child.

lamaze logoLamaze  Toys

Recommended by parents for bright colourful toys for young children.  The good use of colour contrast and textures make these toys great fun for children.

LDA Learning

LDA specialises in educational resources to support children who  have special educational needs. They have resources which cover the following conditions:Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD, Handwriting and Fine Motor skills, Gross Motor Skills.  They also have a range of specialist sensory toys.